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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make contact with Western House?


How do I create an account?


How do I determine my size?


How do I know if my shoes have the right size?


How do I determine my shoe size?


I have ordered the right size, but my heel feels too loose in the boots. What is the problem?


What are the shipping costs?


How can I pay?


Can I make a deposit, for a product that I definitely want to have?


When can I expect my order?


How do I know if my order is shipped?


Can you also deliver abroad?


Can I exchange an item?


What to do if you have a complaint?


I want to cancel my order?


Do i have warranty with Westernhouse.com?



How do I make contact with Western House?


E-mail: info@westernhouse.com


The customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions. Normally you will receive an answer within a few hours, but in any event within two days.


Mailing address


The mailing address of westernhouse.com:


Old Doelenstraat 6-8

1012 ED Amsterdam



Full contact details


Westernhouse.com is an enterprise of Classic Western House BV with the following contact details:

Postal adress:


Classic Western House BV

Oude Doelenstraat 6-8

1012 ED Amsterdam



E-mail: info@westernhouse.com.

E-mail will be answered ASAP, Nevertheless it is possible that it could take up to 2 business days before you'll get a response.


How do I create an account?


When placing your first order, you will receive your account information automatically. This email contains your customer number and password to log onto our website. So you do not have to pre-register on our website to place an order.


How do I determine my size?

Some brands or models may differ in the indicated size of the actual size. If we know that a particular brand or model in reality fits slightly bigger or smaller, then this information will be added to the product information. If you are interested in a new product that has not yet been rated, you can follow our general guidelines:


1. If you normally wear half sizes, and the model is only available in whole sizes, then order the previous size, for example you have 421 / 2, then order size 42.

2. If you have rather narrow feet, and the model has no narrow fit, then order one size smaller than normal.

3. If you have rather wide feet, and the model is not offered in the right fit, you should order one size larger to give your feet plenty of space.

4. It is very normal for one foot to be bigger than the other. Then choose the size of the larger foot.

5. If you often wear a certain brand, you should then order the size you normally wear. Our information about the product details are similar to those of the manufacturer.


When you receive your shoes: Try the shoes the way you're going to wear them, for example on bare feet, with socks, etc. Take this way of wearing into consideration when making your order. If you have bought some boots, then you should try these on with a plastic bag around your feet. When trying the boots on, you should always do this on a soft surface, like a carpet or something similar. This protects the soles of the boots in case you want to return them.



How do I know if my shoes have the right size?

A fitting shoe fits well when there is no space between the foot and the sides of the shoe. A good shoe also follows the shape of the foot whereby the toes have enough space and you do not glide on your heels while walking.



How can i determine my shoe size?


If you do not know what your shoe size is, then follow the instructions stated below to determine your size. Draw a straight line on a sheet of paper that is longer than your foot. Put your foot in the middle of the line. Now draw with a pen around your foot. Note that the line on the paper should range of your longest toe to your heel. Mark the intersections of the line and the edges. Also repeat this with your other foot. To measure your shoe size, you measure your foot with the longest length and then read your size in the following chart: Note that this chart is only a guideline for the manufacturers. Sizes may vary by manufacturer, brand or design to a different size. Trust on your own experience! In most cases we inform you about the shoe size in the product details. These data always follow the instructions of the manufacturer. If in doubt, don't hesitate to contact our customer service.


I have ordered the right size, but my heel feels too loose in the boots. What is the problem?


Most boots have a tighter heel circumference. This creates a less solid support of the shoe, making it less comfortable to walk. This is very normal: after a few days the boots will have adapted to your feet.



What are the shipping costs?

Standard Shipping within the Netherlands and Belgium costs € 7. For shipping outside of the Netherlands and Belgium, the shipping costs will be predetermined based on the measurements and weight of the order and the destination address. When placing the item in your basket when you go to the checkout, you'll see the shipping costs listed separately.



How can I pay?



1) MultiSafePay

The following payment methods can be selected within the payment module of MultiSafepay.


CARD VISA / MASTERCARD (through MultiSafepay)

You pay electronically with your VISA Card or Mastercard. Pay securely and reliably with your trusted credit card. These payments go through the payment module of MultiSafepay, check for more information the website of MultiSafepay.



You can transfer the total amount to ING (bank) account number in the name of Westernhouse.com.


Customers outside of the Netherlands (within the EU) will need the following data for the payment to H Online:

· IBAN: NL44INGB0653380364



Note: Do not forget to mention your order number with the payment!



If you choose for paying in cash, you can pick up the order (by appointment) yourself in our store in Amsterdam and make the payment in cash.

Note: when picking up, you can only pay cash or with pin, no credit cards.


Can I make a deposit for a product that I definitely want to have?


Western House is the biggest provider of exclusive products, therefore some customers want to have the opportunity to make a deposit to book their product.

We offer this service, so if you want to book a product, then this can be done free of charge in 2 ways:


- Indicate through e-mail what product and code you want to book and send this to customerservice@westernhouse.com. You can then non-commital, try on the booked product in our shop at the Oude Doelenstraat in Amsterdam at any moment.


- If you make a deposit of 20%, we book the desired item to your name and then you can try it on in our store, and if you like it, buy it at our cash desk. If you choose for this option, you can transfer the sum to ING (bank) account number in the name of Westernhouse.com. Customers outside of the Netherlands (witin the EU) will need the following data for the payment to Westernhouse.com:


· IBAN: NL44INGB0653380364



May you change your mind and not want the item, we will refund the deposit immediately when you visit our store.



When can I expect my order?


If you have ordered through our webshop and the payment accepted through the service provider, we will (if the product is in stock) send your order within 2 business days. Once your package is shipped, we will send you an email with a link to track your order. The order will be shipped as parcel post with TNT Post. In the order status of your order for most shipments that are sent through parcel post a 3S number. With this number you can follow the shipping route of your package on the website of TNT Post. Parcels are generally delivered later in the day than the mailbox post. You can also check the status of your order by logging into your account. Depending on where you live, the order will be delivered within 5 days.


Shipping outside Netherlands & Belgium

Shipping costs for deliveries outside the Netherlands and Belgium are determined by the sizes and weight of your order. Upon receipt of your order these shipping costs will be stated at the checkout.


Shipping Method

Mailbox post is shipped in envelope vesicles and parcel post is shipped in proper cardboard packaging. Shipping is usually done through TNT Express.


Delivery times

Westernhouse.com tries to send your order within 2 business days after receiving your payment. Delivery times in the Netherlands are usually 1 or 2 days after shipment and deliveries outside of the Netherlands are usually delivered within 3-10 business days after shipment.


Picking up the order yourselve

It is possible to pick up the order in Amsterdam yourself. You can then choose whether you already pay online and thus dont have to pay shipping costs, once your order is ready we will contact you by phone or by email. You can then pick up the order in our store at the Oude Doelenstraat Number 6-8, 1012 ED Amsterdam.

Note: If you do not pay through the Internet, then you can when picking up just pay at the checkout, we accept cash and pin payments.



How do I know if my order is shipped?

You'll automatically receive an email of the order from us, and a tracking number, you can then watch yourselve at TNT where your package is located.



Can you also supply abroad?


Yes that is certainly possible, you place your order in the shopping basket and go to the checkout. When you give an address outside of the Netherlands it will be automatically calculated what the shipping costs are going to be. These are listed separately.



Can I exchange an item?

If the products do not meet your expectations, you may return them under certain conditions (see the description under Cooling down period, also see Right of withdrawal).

If you cancel your order then you need to notify us by letter, this can be done via e-mail or post. In your cancellation by letter you need to mention your full name and order number. For the repayment of amounts already paid we'll also need your bank account number. Customers from Belgium should also state the IBAN and BIC / Swift number of their own bank.


Note: the account number you give for the repayment must be equal to the account number with what you've paid to Westernhouse.com. This is in relation with any potential fraud with refunds.




You have a cooling off period of 14 working days without giving a reason to return a product. During the cooling, you should carefully deal with the product and its packaging. You may use the product only to unpack or use it as far as necessary to assess whether the product providers.

In case of return shipment of products to Western House, the costs for your account.

Any sums paid upon receipt of the returned product within 30 days will be refunded. Any damage, after evaluation, be deducted on the refunded amount.

Consumer Right of withdrawal.

One of the key provisions in the Act Remote Buying the right of withdrawal for consumers. Because the consumer has no prior opportunity to see a product or test, does the legislature need consumers a 'cooling' of fourteen days to allow the product which they can return without giving reasons, or in the case of a service, may terminate the agreement.

The supplier of cost allowed to charge other than postage.

If the supplier has failed to inform the above, then a period of three months during which the consumer can return the product. Interim, the supplier can repair the defect in the information. From the moment the repair made known to consumers, the period of fourteen days to walk again.

For certain goods and services is the right of withdrawal, it should be:

services where performance, with the consent of the consumer, is running for the seven working day period;

goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market, which the supplier's control;

goods in the consumer's specifications are made, including customized, or a clearly personal character;

for goods or services offered by their nature can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;

audio and video recordings and computer software which the consumer has broken the seal, the supply of newspapers and magazines, for the gaming and lottery services.




What to do if a complaint?


A complaint is best by an e-mail to customerservice@westernhouse.com, Please contact us with any order that you have received the order and a detailed motivation. We will then get back to you, within 3 days.


We will look into it as soon as possible in consultation with you to solve. In order to handle the complaint goes smoothly, we ask you to follow our instructions. The shipping costs for returning an article with a complaint will initially be borne by the customer. These costs will be credited if the complaint is upheld.




I want to cancel my order?


You have the right to cancel an order, this falls under the right of withdrawal (see Can I exchange an item?), The cost of returning the products already supplied for your account.


All cancellations must be in writing to Westernhouse.com to be made known. This is best done by an e-mail to sales@westernhouse.com. You need your written cancellation at least your full name and order number. For the repayment of amounts already paid, we also need your bank account. Customers from Belgium should also have the IBAN and BIC / Swift number to indicate their own bank.


Note: the account you specify for the repayment must be equal to the account whose payment to Wetsernhouse.nl did. This i.v.m. Any fraudulent refunds.


I guarantee to Westernhouse.com?


If you claim the guarantee scheme, please contact If you claim the guarantee scheme, please contact us at customerservice@westernhouse.com or call us at (+31) 20-6243316.


Provide us with any contact with the order that you have received the order.


Westernhouse.com offers the following guarantee on shoes, depending on the type of shoe.

Infancy: 8 months

Ladies and gents: 12 months


Westernhouse.com ensures that each product delivered meets corresponding requirements of quality and usability and existing government regulations. If the complaint is valid, all shipment costs within the guarantee on behalf of Westernhouse.com. Westernhouse.com determines whether the warranty applies and determines the method of repair and / or send. If you repair or replace sends the article, it must be returned its original packaging.


The following are not covered by the warranty:

Visible damage to the outside of the upper material

If the shoe no longer in original condition (eg repair of the shoemaker)

Complaints as a result of excessive sweating

Improper use of cleaning agent


In case of dispute the judges independent arbitration board of the Thuiswinkelorganisatie.



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